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About No Kidding San Antonio
Welcome! We're the San Antonio chapter of No Kidding, the international social club for childfree couples and singles. We are people who for many different reasons have not become parents. If you're childfree, then you know it can sometimes be difficult to find other adults to socialize with who are also childfree. 

We're about enjoying life now, meeting new people, feeling part of the community, and enjoying the wonderful city of San Antonio. Participating in activities requires no childfree pledge. We aren't promoting any ideology. If you plan to have kids but haven't gotten around to it yet, okay. If you're decidedly childfree for life, fine. If you're a single childless adult, that's okay too. We are all simply people who aren't parents.

That means  we aren't emptynesters. We aren't divorced people who don't have custody of our children. We aren't a support group for couples going through the adoption process or fertility procedures.  In other words, while being childfree brings us together, the topic of children or the reasons for our childfree status isn't our focus. 

Our focus is FUN. For more information about NKSA, our members and activities, please visit us at

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